Assignments page


Choose your favorite summertime toy and ask someone to make your picture with it. Then we will upload it to the summertimewiki file and you can include it on your page. Be creative! Later we will upload the picture to our wiki.

What is a wiki? Wiki is a Hawaiian word for fast.

A wiki is a website that allows you to easily create, edit, monitor and facilitate student work, projects, collaboration and discussions.

example: - Michael Gorman's wiki

What do you do with a wiki?

  • Ask for student responses to books, classwork/class discussions and projects
  • Show off student work to demonstrate understanding or for an audience
  • Allow students to create pages for fun, to communicate, to organize for presentation
  • Post text, images and files
  • Increase communication and collaboration

Click on New Page then choose a title for your page that includes your name
  1. Upload a picture from the summertimewiki file to your page SAVE
    1. Click on EDIT
    2. Click on the green square in the editor bar to see the files
    3. Double click the picture that you want
      1. To resize it, usethe gray bar with the plus and minus (+ -)
      2. You can also cut, copy and paste to move the picture around using
  2. Take a picture of yourself using a summertime prop and upload it to your page SAVE
    1. For instructions, click on HELP then EDITING A PAGE then ADDING IMAGES AND UPLOADING FILES
    2. I will be happy to upload your pictures to a public file so that you can access them.
  3. Send a message to Cathy when you have completed this step
    1. Click on DISCUSSION tab at the top of the page
    2. Click on NEW POST then enter information then click POST
  4. Create a NEW PAGE and list 3 ways that you can use a wiki in your classroom SAVE
    1. See board for suggestions
    2. Use bullets or numbers
    3. Highlight text and use the text editor to change font, size and color of text (the big T in the toolbar)
  5. Add a horizontal line then add a link to the AHS web site
      1. Click on HELP then EDIT PAGE then INSERTING IMAGES
      2. You can highlight text and click on the gray chain link
      3. You can create an external or internal link
      4. You can have it pop up in another window
      5. SAVE

Creating your OWN wiki

  1. Create your own wiki at
  2. Choose a name for your wiki
  3. Under wiki type, select k12
  4. Determine whether your wiki will be public or protected
    1. Public EVERYONE can see and edit
    2. Protected, everyone can see but not edit
    3. You can email wikispaces for free PLUS upgrade for educators - they will verify that your wiki is for education then send you an email granting PLUS status for free.
  5. Click on manage wiki
  6. CLick on Look and feel
    1. Select a theme and organization for your page
    2. Use the default logo or provide your own (remember to keep it small)
  7. On the Home page, click EDIT to add your own information SAVE
  8. Add a new page with a title
    1. Include a picture with text
    2. Include a link with text
  9. Invite and one other teacher to become a member of your wiki
    1. Click on manage wiki then invite people using their school email address
    2. Once they reply, you must agree to let them join your wiki
  10. Congratulations! You have created your own wiki!